Name; Nathan James Sykes
Age; 18
Date Of Birth; 18th April 1993
Star Sign; Aries

Height: 5ft 9ish 
Eye Colour: Green/Blue
Hair Colour: Brown

Hometown; Gloucester

Favourite Catchphrase;SexyTime
Favourite Band; Boyz II Men 
Favourite Song; End Of The Road (Acapella) - Boyz II Men
Football Team; Manchester United
Favourite Colour; Red 
Favourite Animal; Cat
Favourite TV Show As A Kid; Saturday show (BBC)
Recent TV Show; Match of the Day!/Britain’s Got Talent 
Favourite Trainers; Converse
Day Of The Week; #SykesSunday

I like it when... I’m sat at the piano randomly playing and singing songs :D

I love it when... it's snowing cause I get the day off school

If I could rule... time and space I would actually feel like Doctor Who!

If it was the end... of the world, the last song I would listen to would be End of the Road by Boyz II Men!

If my name was... Harry Potter, I would show Hermione my wand!

If I was a girl... I would try to understand the obsession with shopping and shoes...

If I could have... the power to be invisible... The possibilities would be endless ;)

I hate it when... Manchester United lose!!!!!

Nathan James Sykes is the youngest member of The Wanted only being age 18, he can play the Piano and Bagpipes, and has an amazing voice when singing. Nathan comes from Gloucester or 'Farmland' as he likes to call it, he is very proud of were he comes, for example he said for his 18th he wanted a Gloucester Rugby shirt with his name on the back, he said this is 'because I'm proud to be from Gloucester because it's one of the best places on earth and I', proud of the Rugby team.'

Nathan may get picked on by the other four but he takes it all as a joke because he knows they don't mean they are all so close and would never dream of hurting each others feelings, anyway Nath gets his own back when he has the chance.

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