Max George




Name; Maximilian Alberto George
Age; 22
Date Of Birth; 6th September 1988
Star Sign; Virgo

Height; Grey
Eye Colour; 5'8" 

Hair Colour; Dark Brown

Hometown; Manchester

Favourite Catchphrase; Win Or Lose On The Bose 
Favourite Band; Queen 
Favourite Song; If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley 
Football Team; Manchester City 

Favourite Colour; Black
Favourite Animal; Great White Shark
Favourite TV Show As A Kid; The Turtles 
Recent TV Show; X Factor  
Favourite Trainers; Nike
Day Of The Week; #MaxMonday

I like it when... I’m at the local pub with my family and mates

I love it when... City beat United

If I could rule... the world for a day it would be free beer for everyone

If it was the end... of the week I'd be leathered!!

If my name was... Englebert people would laugh

If I was a girl... I'd date everyone in my band... and Robert

If I could have... a spare 2grand I'd buy my nan and grandad a new lawn for the garden

I hate it when... I come into contact with dry sponge

Maximilian Alberto George is the jester of the group, he tells so many awful dad jokes but they're that bad they make you laugh, Max also has a obsession with ears he can tell the difference between the bands ears with his eyes closed. He has this wonderful friendship with Tom which is amazing to see, he usually get Tom's ear and says 'He's a good boy' and Tom replies 'Yah I'm a good boy' and they look at each other.

Max is also the man who came up with the name #TWFanmily for us fans, and here's the tweet;
Bcoz I feel so close to our fans, I've decided to call u our 'FANmily'....wot u reckon?x
1 Sep

You can talk to Max via;