Jay McGuiness



Jay McGuiness

Name; James McGuiness
Age; 20
Date Of Birth; 24th July 1990
Star Sign; Leo

Height; 6'1"
Eye Colour; Blue
Hair Colour; Brown

Hometown; Nottingham 

Favourite Catchphrase; Nice To See You, To See You Nice 
Favourite Band; The Killers
Favouritre Song; All Time Low - The Wanted
Football Team; Celtic, at a push, I rarely watch footy 
Favourite Colour; Blue
Favourite Animal; Chimp 
Favourite TV Show As A Kid; How 2
Recent TV Show; Anything with David Attenborough  and Misfits! 
Favourite Trainers; Converse
Day Of The Week; #ThursJay

I like it when... people fall over?

If I could rule... the universe I'd need someone to make sure I didn't misplace it.

If it was the end... of the world??? I'd try and get in with Bill Gates so he could sort me out.

If my name was... chegnuts it would be pretty weird.

If I was a girl... even just for a daaaaaaaaaaay.

If I could have... gills it would be ace.

I hate it when... your computer crashes.

James McGuiness is the clumsy one of the group he's always tripping up while preforming and one time in Glasgow Jay fell over his scarf and Tom fell on the fall laughing while Nathan, Siva and Max were trying to carry on singing. But if Jay's not falling over he's either telling jokes or looking after his pet lizard Neytiri (Tia) who he loves to bits.

Jay is obsessed with AVATAR that's the reason his lizards called Neytiri because it's one of the main characters, if you see Jay;s room his walls are covered in AVATAR posters (just think of a member of the #TWFanmily's wall covered in The Wanted posters). As well as AVATAR Jay loves Skittles he has a draw full of different flavored Skittles so he can just dip his hand in and get some, he thanks all you fans for the help...
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